In this series of articles, we will outline popular napkin folds. Follow the step by step instructions and you can easily learn how to fold cloth napkins for any number of occasions! Prohibition Fold – An uncomplicated fold with an old-time feel.           1. Fold top down to halfway point.   […]

Samples are available of most items, but are not available for all items and sizes offered. If a sample is available for a particular product, you will see “Sample“ listed as a option to select in the drop-down menu under Choose Pack Size for each product. Add the sample to your shopping cart and proceed […]

Here you will find a close up image of the Milliken Table Linen outer edge hem. This hemming appears on the outer edge of all Milliken Table Linen and Napkins.  All of the Milliken Table Linen are 1 piece of fabric and are seamless unless otherwise indicated on the product page.        

Many people wonder what a “single” in reference to cotton is? 10S, 16S, etc. The “S” for Singles refers to the thread weight that is used. The higher the thread weight number, the finer and softer feel of the fabric. When a higher thread weight number is used, the thread is finer and a tighter […]

Polyester is (a petroleum derivative) plastic, that is extruded through a head, similar to what looks like a shower head. Filament is the basic state of the fiber when made. It’s very much like fishing line. Filament is very strong, and holds dye very well, if applied properly. Spun polyester is filament fiber that is […]