Motivating laundry employees

Summer heat is a tough time to work in any situation, much less inside a laundry. Here are a few simple ideas that have worked well over the years.
1) Lead with your sleeves rolled up. It’s really important that employees see their leaders beside them, involved in the success of the laundry operation from their perspective. This doesn’t mean you have to fold linen; but it’s great for motivation, when employees see the boss walking through the plant regularly – to have a hand in production. Have a good time when you do walk the floor. BE the smile… it’s contagious.

2) Make sure the hot areas of your operation have working fans and access to cool water at all times. Check how well they work, as you walk through the operation. If you have to invest in a few extra fans, it’s a great motivation for all to see.

3 ) Keep the lunch room cool, clean and bright. Some operators offer ice cream or popsicles during breaks. It’s inexpensive and shows you care. Celebrate making it through the hot days, and do it WITH them.

4) Offer flexible hours when possible. If you can move hotter production areas to start earlier and finish earlier, allow employees who can utilize earlier hours to get them out of the heat of the afternoons.

The heat of summer is tough for anyone inside an operation. But creating a team atmosphere and being immersed in it personally, can certainly motivate employees.

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