The advent of the world wide web has exposed us to loads of information, but not all that information is accurate.  Distinguishing fact from fiction can be difficult, so we’re busting some of the most common myths about commercial floor mats with our 50+ years of experience and some cold, hard facts. Myth 1:  Mats […]

Anti-Fatigue Matting 101 An uncomfortable work environment can negatively affect productivity and increase the likelihood of muscle strains and joint pain.  Standing for long periods can cause Cumulative Standing Trauma (CST) which is linked to the loss of billions of dollars annually due to reduced productivity, higher absenteeism rates, increased worker compensation, and higher insurance […]

Carpeted floor mats can be broken down into three basic components: the surface (the carpet), the backing material, and the backing surface. The Surface Carpet comes in a variety of materials, both natural and synthetic.  Natural fibers like cotton offer excellent absorbency.  Synthetic fibers like nylon, polypropylene, and polyester constitute the majority of all carpet […]