ANSI Class 3 Safety Vests

Jobs that require workers to be the most visible are ones that put personnel in close contact with heavy traffic use ANSI Class 3 High Visibility Safety Vests. High risk jobs include accident site investigators, emergency responders, railway workers, utility workers, and survey and flagging crews. These workers will often be close to traffic exceeding 50 miles an hour, so it is important for them to be as visible as possible. ANSI Class 3 Safety Vests and garments must have a minimum of 310 square inches of reflective tape that is 12.92 linear feet and 2-inches thick. Class 3 garments also provide more coverage to the arms and legs than do class 1 and class 2 safety vests.


ANSI Class 3 Safety Vests are required for workers near traffic exceeding 50 mph and very dark or “no visibility” conditions. These traffic safety vests have longer sleeves than class 2 vests, in order to meet the requirements for hi-viz and reflective material. In addition to vests, ANSI class 3 apparel can include safety jackets and long-sleeve shirts. Wearing an ANSI class 2 safety vest with ANSI class E safety pants together qualifies as an ANSI class 3 outfit.


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