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Shop for a hospital pillow that is designed with healthcare and hospitals in mind, offering pressure-reducing comfort for patients. Our medical pillows feature a range of reusable, washable, or fluid-repellent options. We also carry vinyl hospital pillows, plastic hospital pillows, waterproof hospital pillows, and general hospital grade pillows. Our selection caters to all medical bed needs. Depending on the needs of your clinic, urgent care, or emergency room, Direct Textile Store is one of the best hospital pillows suppliers that can help you dress the most comfortable, economical patient beds to ensure quality care and comfort. Hospital bed settings are known as being a determinant of patient care outcomes and how the bed is dressed contributes to this significantly. Not only do these medical grade pillows provide optimum relaxation, they are also easy to care for  – perfect for healthcare or hospital settings. 


What features of a hospital bed make it suited for the healthcare setting?
Hospital beds are usually made to be adjustable to allow for the patient to be able to breathe easier. The patient in the bed is usually able to breathe better at a 30 degree angle, as opposed to the typical 0 degree flat bed. Hospital beds are built to be mobile, usually with wheels on all legs. They also usually have adjustable side rails to protect the patient from falling, as well as adding an extra sense of security. 


Features To Look For In A Hospital Pillow
Hospital pillows can either be reusable pillows that are routinely disinfected or disposable pillows that are switched out between every patient. Reusable hospital pillows are methodically cleaned to lower risk of pathogen spread between patients. This is done by treating the outer vinyl shell of the pillow to make it resistant to bacteria. This is sometimes done using Silver. A lot of healthcare pillows are also manufactured to be hypoallergenic, and treated to be flame-retardant. Hospital patient pillows should also be breathable, comfortable, and noiseless. 


Customer Testimonial
"Great product that gets the job done. Our Emergency unit prefers disposable pillows for our patient beds because it is more sanitary and is easier to manage cleaning wise. These are solid disposable pillows that don't have that cheap feeling that a lot of others we've used have."


Customer Questions and Answers

Question: Are hospital pillows reusable?

Answer: Yes, hospital pillows can be reused, however depending on the situation, some hospitals may use disposable pillows instead. Reusable pillows are most common in hospitals and nursing homes and can be wiped clean.


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