Signature Plus Rectangular Table Linens

Experience the elegance, quality, and durability of Milliken's Signature Plus Banquet Table Linen  fabric –  with its sophisticated look and soft feel, it's a top performer in its class. Get the perfect size with our Table Linen Calculator below.

Milliken's Signature Plus Banquet Table Linen  fabric is a top performer in its class. Signature Plus boasts superior soil release, ensuring a longer shelf life with fewer stain rejects. Thanks to its innovative stain release properties, Signature Plus allows for lower wash temperatures while maintaining a consistent look day after day. This high-quality linens in bulk are commercially rated and is perfect for restaurants, parties, or events with a touch of elegance. Say goodbye to stains and wrinkles – choose Signature Plus and enjoy bulk savings from Direct Textile Store  today!


Buying Guides

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