Wholesale Round Tablecloths

Discover our extensive range of top-quality wholesale round tablecloths in bulk, we offer a diverse selection of sizes ranging from 64" to 132" round. Find your perfect size with our Round Tablecloth Calculator below.

Explore exquisite options like 120-inch round white tablecloths, wedding tablecloths, and the renowned Milliken Signature Fabric. With an array of styles available, including cotton, polyester, and more, you can find the perfect tablecloth to suit your specific needs, whether you're in search of cotton tablecloths, bulk tablecloths, or polyester tablecloths.

Choose from several different styles, including; cotton tablecloths, bulk tablecloths, and polyester tablecloths

Whether you're catering a wedding, hosting a corporate event, or throwing a party, our collection of exquisite fabrics, sizes and colors will give you the perfect round tablecloth for a quintessential presentation. Shop round tablecloths at wholesale prices for the best quality to meet your needs, and the most competitive prices to meet your budget.

  • Good: Softspun
  • Better: MagicSpun
  • Best: Signature Plus


Setting A Round Table With A Tablecloth
Round tables are generally easier to dress than square tables since the corners won't be hanging off the table. A rule of thumb is to have your tablecloth be atleast 12 inches wider than your table on all sides. This will give a nice drape on all sides without ending up rumpled on guests' laps. More formal events utilize longer tablecloths that have table to floor drops. Less formal events usually have tablecloths that end just above the knee when the guest is seated. Color depends on the event requirements, but can vary from white to black, burgundy, beige, navy, gray, and more. These colors, and more, are avilable for purchase at Direct Textile Store.

Calculating The Correct Sized Round Tablecloth
Measure the diameter of your round table. The diameter is the distance from one edge of the table to the opposite edge (going through the exact center of the table). Once you know your table diameter and desired drop (all in inches), multiply the intended drop length by 2 then just add that number to the diameter of the table. For example, a round table with a diameter of 90 inches and a desired drop of 15 inches would require a tablecloth with a 120 inch diameter. Please see the step by step of the calculation below:
15 inches X 2 = 30 inches
30 inches + 90 inches = 120"

Features To Consider
Never forget to take into account all needs of an event. For example, heat resistant tablecloths for serving hot plates on, or an oil-based tablecloth if greasy food is being served. 


Customer Testimonial

"Buying my own tablecloths in bulk instead of renting table linens for my events has saved me so much money. So far, all my purchasing has been easy, straightforward, and all of my questions are quickly answered by customer service. The buying guides have been really helpful in selecting the right linens for my needs."


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