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HACCP Uniforms (Hazardous Analysis Critical Control Point) are food processing apparel that follows a standardized, technical approach to the identification, evaluation and control of food safety. ADI HACCP Food Processing Uniforms are examples of reliable apparel that helps ensure safety, and minimize cross contamination risks, and clean process goals with a proven product. Our food manufacturing uniforms, HACCP lab coats, and food manufacturing uniforms include HACCP Smock Wraps, and food processing HACCP Lab Coats, and HACCP Butcher Wraps that must have certain design features in order to prevent cross contamination and remain clean and hygienic. HACCP uniforms are important in many workplaces. Food safety is important, and a HACCP approved uniform can help keep food safe by wearing proper attire that is easy to clean and hygienic.  


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What is HACCP?
HACCP is a system of managing food safety protocols through analyzing and controlling hazards when handling raw material. HACCP stands for Hazardous Analysis Critical Control Point. HACCP management is a set of principles that focuses on identifying and preventing cross-contamination and food safety breaches in critical control points, also known as CCPs. This process identifies CCP starting in harvest, all the way through procurement and handling, distribution, and consumption of the final product.


What is HACCP apparel?
HACCP apparel are forms of personal protective equipment that protect the wearer, but also the material the wearer is handling or exposed to. HACCP uniforms are work apparel that are compliant with HACCP standards of maintaining a hygienic good handling environment. HACCP-approved apparel can be food manufacturing uniforms, food processing lab coats, butcher coats, and more. HACCP uniforms are required in many different settings, including food plants, agricultural processing factories, and restaurants.


What features are required in HACCP apparel?
There are two major criteria for a uniform to be classified as HACCP-compliant. One is that there can be no pockets above the waist. Pockets are highly useful, but can also entrapping unwanted bacteria. This can lead to cross-contamination. Also, pockets can encourage the worker to store personal items, like cell phone and keys, in these pockets which can lead to cross-contamination and potential food-borne illness. The second major requirement is no buttons. Similar to pocket, buttons are prone to entrapping bacteria. Smock wraps with no buttons are popular because of this very reason. Buttons can pop off and into food or food packaging. Research supports that 100% spun polyester is the most ideal fabric to make HACCP uniforms out of. They provide more protection from contamination than cotton apparel does.


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