Hookless Shower Curtains


Looking for easy-to-install Wholesale Hookless Shower Curtains available in bulk? Look no further! Our EZY Hang Shower curtains come with a built-in connector making installation a breeze - no extra hooks or rings needed! Perfect for hotels and healthcare facilities. And with wholesale pricing available, you can save big while keeping the same high-quality product. Plus, our hookless design eliminates the hassle and burden of traditional shower curtains. Upgrade your bathroom experience with our easy-to-use and quick-to-install shower curtains - no hooks required!


How do hookless shower curtains work?

Hookless shower curtains are designed to simplify the process of installing and removing shower curtains compared to traditional curtains with hooks or rings. They typically feature a built-in system for attaching the curtain to the shower rod, eliminating the need for separate hooks or rings.


Customer Testimonial

“Good shower curtains - great having no hooks to deal with. These were easy to put up. I love the idea of reusing the shower curtains instead of throwing them out when they get too moldy. The cream color of the curtain also kept the tub area get more light.”


Buying Guides

See our buying guides below for more helpful information regarding our Shower Curtains to help you in purchasing the bulk shower curtains that best meet your needs:


Choose the Correct Size Shower Curtain for Your Tub or Shower


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