Premium Sheets T-300 and Up

These premium wholesale hotel sheet collections offer the luxurious high thread count of T-300, yet still maintain their durability for easy laundering. Choose from different premium hotel sheets from tone on tone, stripes, and various white pattern designs. When buying hotel linens, thread counts can go up to T250, T300 and beyond, in luxury. The higher the thread count, the more likely the bed linens are made of 100% cotton. At the luxury level, it's all about the softness and the perception of luxury, which translates to qualitative R.O.I. Premium hotel bed sheets starting at 300 thread count sheets are simply the finest hotel quality bed linen and come in twin, full, queeen, king, fitted, and flat sheet options. Our wholesale hotel sheets for sale are made from the finest yarns and woven to the highest specifications for hotel wholesale bedding. Buy your bulk hotel sheets from Direct Textile Store at our affordable price today.


Triple Bed Sheeting... Explained
Triple Bed Sheeting is a bed making technique utilized by a lot of high-end hotels, inns, and bed and breakfasts. In triple bed sheeting, a comforter or duvet is sandwiched between two flat sheets. At the head of the bed, the sheets are folded over the comforter or blanket, and at the foot of the bed, all layers are tucked in under the mattress to seal the sandwiched comforter. This approach is easier on housekeeping, reduces laundry loads, and saves costs while also providing a sanitary, fresh bed for each new guest. It also maintains warmth during colder months, and keeps the guest cooler during the summer. 


Tips For Washing Cotton Sheets
-Try and keep wash water temperatures below 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything above 160 degrees Fahrenheit can cause shrinkage or color variation. 

-Alkaline wash conditions of a pH 9.0-10.0 are okay. Harsh chemicals like chlorine, peroxide, and bleach can be used in moderate amounts. No matter what steps you use in the start, the pH of the cotton sheets should always be leveled back to a pH of between 5.0-7.0. before the dry cycle.


Customer Testimonial
"I like to stick to premium sheets (I'm talking T300 sheets or better) because I feel like they hold up longer and I like to invest in my guest beds. It is the first thing people tend to review so it's where the money should go!"


Buying Guides
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