Disposable Plates

Disposable plates have gained popularity over the years for restaurants and food service industries.  Heavy-duty disposable plates are made to offer durability. These disposable restaurant plates offered at Direct Textile Store are made to withstand various types of meals, from hearty dinners to elaborate spreads. High-quality, durable wholesale disposable plates offered at Direct Textile Store allows for plates to be able to hold weight of meals without breaking or bending.  We offer both 9 in and 6 in sizes to meet your needs.  We have biodegradeable, compostable, and eco friendly options to help contribute to a greener future.
Direct Textile Store offers disposable plates in bulk, at restaurants, cafes, and other food services that often stock up on these kitchen amenities.  Purchasing disposable plates in bulk allows for restaurants or catering services to save money and time to make their dining experience as lovely and simplistic as possible.  Whether looking for biodegradeable, ecofriendly options or something else, we offer a wide selection at wholesale prices.
Bulk quantities of disposable plastic plates or bulk paper plates, simplifies the process of accessing and transporting disposable plates. This efficiency is particularly beneficial for food services that require quick access to a large number of plates to meet customer demand.
Heavy-duty disposable plates makes sure that catering services are confident in what their customers are dining with without fear of breaking or leaking. Purchasing disposable plates in bulk, is important for storage options and keeping dining experiences flowing smoothly.  Try our one of our premier brands, the Emerald plate, today.