IV Patient Gowns

IV Patient Gowns have snap sleeves and telemetry pockets on all models. Sizes listed in inches by Center Back Length x Sweep. Shop our wholesale patient gowns available in bulk for your medical facility. We have a large selection of high quality hospital gowns and medical gowns for patients to fit your clinic, healthcare facility, surgery center, hospital, or exam rooms. We offer IV patient gowns in a variety of sizes and styles. Hospital gowns are washable and reusable and designed to fit and feel comfortable on patients with an opening in the back for easy access to patients in a reclining position. Our IV medical gowns for patients provide discreet coverage for added comfort. Our wholesale patient gowns have an overlap back and is adjustable in length allowing a full range of arm motion, enabling patients to adjust their gown for maximum comfort and privacy.  Shop any of our brands including BLC, KSE, Fashion Seal, American Dawn, and more.