Golf Towels

Golf towels are a fundamental accessory for golfers, serving both practical and aesthetic purposes on the golf course. Wholesale golf towels are typically made from highly absorbent materials like cotton or microfiber and come in various sizes, often with a grommet and a clip for easy attachment to golf bags or belts. Golfers use these towels to clean their golf clubs, balls, and hands, ensuring they have the best possible grip and accuracy during their rounds.

Golf towels wholesale can also serve as a fashion statement and a way for golfers to showcase their personal style. Many golf towels in bulk quantities are available in a wide range of colors and designs, allowing golfers to coordinate their towels with their golf attire or display their favorite sports team's logo. Some of the colors that we offer are white, green, yellow, blue, bronze, and more.  Additionally, our bulk blank golf towels are customizable, making them popular choices for golf tournaments, corporate events, or promotional giveaways. We offer a variety of blank golf towels wholesale and with grommets so that they can be personalized and feature logos, names, or branding, making them a valuable marketing tool for businesses in the golf industry.

For businesses or organizations looking to purchase blank golf towels wholesale or with grommets to provide golf towels for their customers or events, purchasing them wholesale from Direct Textile Store offers several benefits. Buying golf towels in bulk whether they are blank white golf towels, golf towel blanks in other colors, or with grommets and embroidery allows for significant cost savings, as the price per unit is cheap and typically lower than buying individual towels. Wholesale suppliers offer a variety of options, from standard cotton golf towels to premium microfiber golf towels, ensuring that businesses can find towels that suit their budget and quality requirements. Furthermore, buying golf towels wholesale ensures a reliable supply for golf courses, tournaments, or promotional events, ensuring that golfers have access to this essential and versatile accessory.


What is a golf towel used for?
A golf towel is primarily used by golfers to clean their golf clubs, golf balls, and hands during a round of golf. It helps maintain the performance of golf equipment by ensuring clean clubfaces and providing a better grip, ultimately contributing to improved accuracy and overall play on the golf course.


What fabric are golf towels are made from?
Golf towels are commonly made from absorbent materials like cotton or microfiber, which are chosen for their ability to effectively soak up moisture and clean golf equipment. Cotton towels offer a traditional feel and are soft to the touch, while microfiber towels are known for their high absorbency and quick-drying properties, making them popular choices among golfers.

What size are golf towels?
Golf towels come in various sizes, but a standard golf towel typically measures around 16 inches by 24 inches (40 cm by 61 cm). However, there can be slight variations in size depending on the brand and specific model of the towel. Some golf towels may be slightly larger or smaller, but the dimensions mentioned above are a common and widely accepted size for golf towels.


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What is a Golf Towel Used For?


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