PPE Apparel

Personal protective gowns, hospital gowns, disposable lab coats, and other articles intended for specific patient care purposes that come into direct contact with a patient's skin. These are non-reusable hospital gowns and are considered single-use disposable medical devices. Buy our PPE isolation gowns at an affordable price today! Protect yourself, medical professionals, and others from viruses and germs with personal protection gowns from Direct Textile Store. These ppe gowns are made from the highest quality breathable materials to provide cool, comfortable protection against moisture and viruses. They feature reinforced seams and are available in a variety of sizes.


These special hospital gowns are developed to provide purposeful protection to workers. PP gowns are protective personal garments, which are used in industries such as food processing, laboratories and pharmaceuticals where there is a high risk of contamination from environment, chemicals or from the user themselves. Our personal protection gowns are made from nonwoven fabrics to provide better protection for the user. These fabric materials also allow for more air to pass through and keep users cool at work.


We ship to US, Alaska, Hawaii, US Territories, Canada, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, and St. Croix.