Privacy Screens and Dividers

A medical privacy screen is a valuable tool for infection control, privacy, or organization in healthcare facilities or other businesses. Direct Textile Store offers high quality, hospital divider curtains that help protect against germs, dust, and debris. With many options to choose from including a 3 panel privacy screen, mobile privacy screen, medical privacy screen on wheels, or hospital divider curtains, you’ll be sure to find the perfect one suited for your business. There are also numerous color and fabric options to fit your needs at an affordable price.


Medical privacy screens are a cost-effective solution for hospitals, clinics, dentist offices, businesses, or homes to help maintain a clean, organized environment. Hospital privacy screens provide a space of solitude, quiet, and ease for patients or clients and ensures privacy during medical procedures. Medical privacy screen on wheels allows for easy transporting between rooms and helps in preventing the spread of germs and infectious diseases. Privacy screens and dividers offer a professional look to your practice and can be arranged to fit any space.


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What is a Medical Privacy Screen?


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