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Shop high-quality wholesale shower curtains from a leading distributor and supplier that can upgrade any bathroom. They are available in a variety of materials including vinyl, 100% polyester Teflon, denier polyester, and flame retardant. Choose from our vast selection of shower curtains with metal grommets or sewn-in button holes that pair perfectly with our shower curtain hooks. We also have unique hookless shower curtains featuring EZY Hang buckles for a no-fuss installation. Available in bulk our shower curtains are trusted by hotels and hospitals across the U.S.


Shower curtains are a practical and easy way to dramatically change the look of your bathroom. They can also protect your floor from water splashes and make cleaning easier. With so many colors and styles available, you're almost guaranteed to find just what you're looking for.


Hookless shower curtains are one of the fastest growing trends in bathroom decor. Hookless shower curtains are basically two pieces an outer curtain and an inner liner curtain. At Direct Textile Store, we carry bulk shower curtains and a selection of hookless shower curtains with and without liners. 


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What materials are wholesale shower curtains made of?

Wholesale shower curtains are available in a diverse array of materials, and this choice significantly influences their durability, appearance, and functionality. Common options include polyester, known for affordability and resistance to moisture, offering various design choices and easy maintenance. Vinyl curtains, often found in commercial settings, excel in waterproofing and defense against water damage and mildew. Eco-friendly PEVA, a PVC alternative, boasts waterproof and mold-resistant properties. Fabric curtains, crafted from cotton, polyester blends, or microfiber, present a softer, more decorative appeal but may necessitate a separate waterproof liner. Nylon curtains are known for durability and wrinkle resistance, are popular in high-traffic locales such as hotels. Cotton shower curtains offer a natural, soft feel but usually demand an additional liner to fend off water damage. Bamboo options are naturally mold-resistant and eco-friendly, contributing a unique aesthetic to bathrooms. Microfiber curtains, with their quick-drying, lightweight properties, are hassle-free and suitable for busy households. Although less common due to their delicate nature and higher cost, silk shower curtains exude luxury with a smooth, shiny finish. Linen curtains bestow a rustic look and absorbency, although they are prone to wrinkling and demand careful maintenance.

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“These shower curtains are nice and work great for our hotel.“


Customer Questions and Answers

Question: How often should you change out your shower curtain?

Answer: In general, you should change your shower curtain every 6-12 months; however, if you notice mold or mildew on your shower curtain, it’s best to replace it immediately.


Question: How do I select the right size?

Answer: See our guide “Choose the Correct Size Shower Curtain for Your Tub or Shower." It can help you figure the right size.


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Choose the Correct Size Shower Curtain for Your Tub or Shower


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