Disposable Cups and Lids

Disposable cups and lids have gained popularity in restaurants and food service industries, as they offer quick and simple way to cater to their customers. We have wholesale and bulk quantities available of many biodegradeable cups and lids options, soup bowls and cups, disposable coffee cups bulk, disposable paper hot cups, disposable cold cups, and disposable tea cups, Direct Textile Store offers various wholesale disposable cups and lids to simplify dining experience.  Our bidegradeable options are compostable and eco friendly options for a green solution.
Disposable cups and lids offered at Direct Textile Store are durable and high-quality for restaurants and food services. Customers are able to enjoy their dining experience with simplistic utensils, while still having great quality dinnerware. 
The availability of disposable cups and lids in bulk quantities caters to high demand while ensuring a seamless serving process. Ordering in bulk is great for restaurants, cafes, and other venues that go through many disposable cups.  We have both plastic and nonplastic options available.
Heavy disposable cups and lids are important in preventing spills from your guests or staff.  Some of our popular lid options include our biodegradeable sip through lids and cold cup lids with a c-whole.
Heavy-duty and extra-heavy disposable cups and lids assure customers that their chosen beverage or meal is securely contained without the risk of leakage or breakage. Disposable cups and lids are durable and tough and are great for take-out or delivery services where transportation to customers is important. Quality is extremely crucial with disposable kitchen supplies and Direct Textile Store offers high-quality and wholesale plastic cups and wholesale paper cups and lids to keep your guests and customers happy.  We offer an assortment of disposable plastic cups and disposable paper cups to choose from.  Some of the colors we offer are white, black, brown, and clear.  Our cups come in a variety of sizes including 9 oz, 16 oz, 24 oz, and other sizes.