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We supply the best selection of wholesale bar towels in various sizes, colors, fabrics, and weights to meet any of your needs. Wholesale Bar Mops are used as cleaning towels for many applications including laundries, country clubs, restaurants, hotels, kitchens, health clubs and bars. 

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Bar mops are utilized as cheap bar towels, restaurant bar towels, and more. Buy your bulk bar towels from Direct Textile Store as these bar mops and bar rags are made from 100% cotton and are a great choice for drying glasses, dishes, kitchenware or cleaning up spills when you are cooking at home. Our bar mop towels are also handy when you need to add extra softness to your bar glasses and keep them looking like new. You can order bulk towels in small sizes which makes them easy to carry around with you so that accidents don't go unchecked.


What are bar towels?
Bar towels are typically semi-disposable, thick cotton cloths used in food service environments for cleaning purposes. Bar towels go by different names, like bar mop towel, bar rags, bar mop, 10s cloth, or janitorial cloth. The term "bar mop" originated from bartenders using these bar towels to wipe up spills and glassware. 


What are features of bar towels?
Barmops are typically very absorbent and durable, due to the intense and fast-paced nature of the settings they're used in. They are usually made of cotton or terry cloth. Bar mops have small loops woven through the threads to increase absorbency. Bar mop towels, like said before, are made with 100% cotton and range in weight depending on usage needs. The weight range typically scales from 20 oz to 36 oz. A lot of bar towels are differentiated by different colored center stripes. Center stripe towels are highly sought after by hotels and restaurants so the towels can be easily idenfitied for different uses and also easily identified for separation after laundry. 


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"Have been buying the same towel elsewhere only to find the exact same bar mop on your store. So much cheaper for the IDENTICAL thing."


Customers Questions and Answers 

Question: What is the way to clean bar mop towels?

Answer: Start by separating greasy and non-greasy bar mops. Soak the greasy ones in warm water overnight and rub them. In the morning put them in a bucket with mild detergent. If stained, try brushing them out with a grease removing detergent and soaking them again. You can wash the non-greasy ones in the washing machine with warm water and mild detergent.


Question: How often should you change bar towels?

Answer: It really depends on how often they are used and how dirty they get. In general, it’s recommended to change them out daily or after every use if they get very soiled.


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