Standard Hotel Towels

Standard Hotel Towels for customers who want an exceptional combination of quality and durability. These wholesale towels are hotel and motel quality towels.

These Standard Hotel Towels are for customers who desire an exceptional combination of quality and durability. Featuring wholesale towels that are hotel and motel quality towels. Direct Textile Store is a leading source of wholesale towels and bathrobes. We offer the best hotel towels, white classic hotel collection towels are manufactured with high standards of quality, take a look to our bulk towels collection and choose the best brand for your business, between white hotel towels, hotel style towels, hotel collection towels, colored bath towels, and more. 


Care Instructions To Maintain Fluffy Towels
Direct Textile Store ships our towels straight from the manufacturer. Our towels are compressed to be shipped in bulk, which allows us to limit shipping costs and pass on the savings to our customers. It's a win-win! However, this means that when our towels are not going to be as plush and soft right out of the box. Throw your new towels through a wash and dry cycle and it will fluff up. The more your wash it, the more fluffy it will get. Retail towels are usually pre-washed before hitting the shelves. Prewashing helps plush up the pile, soften the hand, and wash out any lint or loose fibers. Keep in mind that you are paying a higher price tag for this first-touch convenience! Wholesale towels are typically shipped out in bulk cases, which leads to compression of the towels. So right out of the box, the towel will be more dense and firm- This is not reflective of the true nature of the towel. A couple washes is all it takes to spruce up your new bulk towels back up! Trust us, the quality and savings are definitely worth it.


GSM Explained
GSM stands for grams per square meter. This is the standard measurement units for towel density, which is reflective of its' weight and thus, its' quality. The typical range for towels is between 300 GSM to 900 GSM. The higher the GSM, the thicker and better quality the towel. Use the rankings below to determine the right GSM for your needs:

-300 to 400 GSM: These are economy towels which are more lightweight, thinner, and quick-drying. Lower GSM towels are ideal for use as a gym towel, kitchen towel, or for use in high-turnover environments, like housekeeping.

-400 to 600 GSM: These towels can be standard bath towels, standard hotel towels, and guest room towels. Lots of beach towels are in this weight category as well. A good, reliable pick that gives you quality without breaking the bank. 

-600 to 900 GSM: These are premium towels, that are thicker, plusher, and more absorbent. They are more luxurious, have denser piles, and typically have ringspun or higher quality threads. 


Customer Testimonial
"Was tired of buying towels in sets and wanted to be able to purchase pieces of collections by the piece. Makes it easy to replace make-up stained washcloths and hand towels that some of my guests leave. Loving the quality so far. Customer service answers quick."


Buying Guides
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