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Get top-notch cloth napkins bulk and linen napkins in bulk for less. Choose from a wide range of styles and wholesale fabrics and cloth, ideal for every occasion - from elegant weddings and lavish parties to sophisticated banquets, restaurants, dinners, and events. Experience the perfect combination of exceptional quality and affordable prices all in one place!


Huge selection of classic styles and durable fabric napkins and linen napkins that are an excellent choice for bulk wedding napkins, parties, banquets, restaurants, dinner napkins, events and more. You will also find many Table Napkins as part of the table linens collection including: Cotton Momie Napkins, Milliken Visa Checkpoint Napkins, Egyptian Cotton Bird's Eye Napkins, Premium Cotton Satin Band Napkins, 100% linen napkins, 100% cotton npakins, and Premium Blend Satin Band Napkins.


These wholesale table napkins can be found at most restaurants, banquet facilities, and wedding venues across the U.S. If you're looking for the perfect high quality hotel dinner napkins, linen napkins or dinner napkins to decorate your restaurant or dining table, look no further.  You will be able to find the appropriate napkin for any commercial or home setting.  These linen napkins are also great for decoration purposes. Our linen napkins will add sophistication and elegance to your table.  We have a variety of colors available, including, white, black, red, rust, maroon, blue, navy blue, sage green, yellow, floral, purple, navy, grey, mauve, ivory, as well as many other sought afters colors. 



Buy your bulk linen napkins at the best wholesale prices whether you are looking for premium, or inexpensive, cheap linen napkins now! 



What is the ideal weight and size for table napkins?
Lighter linen napkins are preferable in warmer months, while heavier cloth napkins are used in winter months. Size-wise, larger napkins (ex. 20x20 in., 21x21 in.) are used in more formal settings, like weddings and high-end dining. Standard sizings for more common use include 16x16 in., 18x18 in., and 20x20 in. 


How do you wash table linens in bulk?
-Loosen up any dirt or strain by soaking table linens in cold water for 30 minutes before washing.
-Linens can be washed in the washing machine on a delicate cycle with cold water. Do not wash with non-table linen items.
-Hang until almost dry then iron napkins to fully dry them. This gives them that nice, crisp finish without wrinkles. 


How do you properly store table linens? 
Fold napkins loosely and store in a roomy drawer or cabinet. If the linens are wrapped in plastic or in a plastic bag, then make sure to periodically air them out. Always cool iron before use. 


Why purchase linen napkins in bulk?
Linen napkins are more impressionable on guests, as well as more environmentally friendly than paper napkins. It is also more economical in the long run. 


Are reusable napkins absorbent?
Yes. Napkins with a higher ratio of cotton or linen in the blend will be the most absorbent. 


Customer Testimonial 

"Durable, quality napkins for a great price. The white color is so elegant and perfect for different events at my venue. The napkins never yellow and stains easily wash out with bleach."


Customer Questions and Answers

Question: What is the standard size for linen napkins?

Answer: It really depends on the occasion. Formal: 22-26 inches square. Dinner: 18-20 inches square. Lunch: 14 inches square. Cocktail: 6-9 inches square.

Question: What color is best for table napkins?

Answer: The color depends on the occasion and personal preference. Typically it is a good idea to match a more neutral color such as black, ivory, or white with a contrast color such as red, blue, or green. Napkins used for a formal occasion should match the color of the tablecloth. 


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