Pediatric Hospital Gowns

Find the perfect pediatric hospital gowns at Direct Textile Store. Pediatric exam gowns are just one of the many ways to make kids feels safe in healthcare settings. We have a premium selection of kids hospital gowns in fun designs with inclusive sizings. Our pediatric hospital gowns are made of premium quality medical fabric and offer a stylish and attractive design with vibrant colors. Buy your patient gowns today for a perfect combination of traditional styling and comfort. 


Our cotton hospital gowns for kids are designed for children so they can feel comfortable and elegant. Our pediatric gowns are just one of the many ways we help make a child's stay in the hospital more pleasant. All of our pediatric hospital gowns feature fun and bright designs for boys and girls! Kids will love wearing their favorite characters to appointments, treatment, or even just during everyday play. Prefer a more classic style? All of our childrens hospital gowns are available in solid colors as well.


Buying Guides

See our buying guides below for more helpful information regarding our pediatric hospital gowns to help you in purchasing the hospital gowns that best meet your needs:


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The Difference in Hospital Gown Protection Levels

Washing Guide for Healthcare Gowns

Do Hospital Gowns Open Back? Unveiling the Basics of Patient Attire


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