Standard Hotel Sheets T-250

These T-250 Hotel Sheet Collections offer high durability for easy laundering. Choose from T-250 100% cotton sheets, white hotel sheets, wholesale bed sheets, tone on tone Sheets, striped bedsheets, and various white pattern cotton sheets. Most tone on tone stripe sheets are T250, but some are offered in T200. T-250 bedsheets are considered a luxury product, but the reverse blend offering is durable enough to establish that upper middle tier, standard hotel sheet collections experience. Choose from our various manufacturing brands when purchasing our hospitality bed linens in bulk including Welspun, Thomaston, KSE, Intralin, Ganesh Mills, ADI American Dawn, and BLC Textiles.


How often do you need to change bed sheets?
It is recommended to throw bed sheets through a wash cycle every 1-2 weeks. The frequency depends on hygiene habits, environment, and use frequency. Environmental factors can include allergies, and humid climates. These can contribute to respiratory issues, bacteria and mold growth, and sweat and dirt. Methodical washing and changing of bedsheets helps maintain its longevity.


Laundering Bedsheets
First and foremost, always check the care instructions sewn onto a tag by the manufacturers. Wash instructions truly depend on the fabric of the bed sheets. Most recommend to wash sheets in cool or warm water, as hot water typically leads to shrinkage and can be damaging to certain sheet blends. Avoid harsh detergents and chemicals, like bleach, as much as possible as this can weaken the threads. If there is a stain that needs special attention, try spot treating before throwing the whole sheet in the wash cycle to limit use of harsher chemicals. For the dry cycle, try to avoid over drying at high temperatures. This can increase wrinkling and cause shrinkage. However, make sure they are completely dry before folding, storing, or fixing on a bed to avoid any mildew growth. Also make sure they are being stored in a dry space with fresh air flow. 


Can I use fabric softener on bedsheets?
The use of fabric softener on hotel bed sheets is dependent on the situation. Review the following points to decide whether it is suited to your situation. Fabric softener utilizes chemicals that can leave residue on the sheet fabric, which can especially be bad for natural fibers, like 100% cotton sheets, because it makes them less breathable. Fabric softener does cause build up over time, which can decrease sheet longevity and cause premature pilling. Make sure to keep in mind that fabric softener may induce skin sensitivities and allergies in a certain percentage of the population. Try using natural alternatives, like vinegar or baking soda, that can help achieve a similar result on hotel grade sheets. 


Customer Testimonial

"Love love love these bed sheets. Perfect for my b&b and the prices are best I've found anywhere. Don’t waste your time anywhere else. I use 100% cotton because I prefer it, and so I assume my guests do too, and the trick I've found is to immediately fold after the dry cycle to avoid wrinkles and ironing. Still have to pull the iron out here and there but has saved me and my housekeeping team a lot of time."


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