When it comes to a good night’s sleep, the pillow makes a huge difference. Direct Textile offers a variety of different sizes and styles of bulk pillows at low wholesale prices you'll love! We’re one of the leading bulk hotel and hospital pillow suppliers in the industry and that’s because we know the business and we know our customers. Buy pillows in bulk from the best wholesale pillow manufacturers for unmatched quality and comfort. 


Whether you’re looking for economical, cheap pillows in bulk, standard wholesale hotel pillows, or luxurious guest pillows, our bulk wholesale pillows are unbeatably affordable. We sell hypoallergenic, washable, and flame resistant pillows. Our pillows are made to last and are ideal for healthcare and hospitality settings In addition, we provide fast and efficient shipping so you can put your purchase to use in no time at all. The Oxford Gold King and Oxford Premium Microgel pillows are some of our most popular pillows! 


Proper Pillow Care For Hotel Pillows
The key to having pillows last for a long time is proper care. Hotel pillows are actually consistently washed. Washing hotel pillows is a crucial step to proper housekeeping. Pillows can have a lot of dirt, dust, and bacteria build up over time and after use by multiple hotel guests. Pillow hygiene is maintained through different ways. The most effective form of preventitive care is using pillow protectors. Pillow protectors are pillow covers that are usually zippered, that act as a protective layer between the pillow and the pillow cover. To maintain the pillow's hygeine, wash the pillow protector on a gentle cycle. Many pillows are composed of down or cotton blends. Both of these are able to be machine-washed on a gentle cycle and left out to air dry. Be sure to read the sewn-in care label before committing to throwing a pillow in the washer. Some pillows are best taken care of through dry cleaning. Some pillows have special instructions, like pillows with a foam core. It is best practice to only spot clean foam pillows because water is damaging to these kinds of pillows. No matter what wash process is used or whether it's a hotel pillow or bed pillow, be sure to fluff your pillow back up to give it that back that plush look and bouncy feel. 


How long are hotel pillows used for?
When properly washed, sanitized, and fluffed, hotel pillows can last for months. If the pillow has stains, rips, or hygiene issues, then it is not suitsable for guest use and should be rid of immediately. 


Customer Testimonial
"Went to a hotel and had the best sleep of my life. Looked at the tags and found the exact pillow here. Love that there is an option to buy 2 or buy the pillows in bulk. Price is cheap compared to what you find at the store. This is the best pillow I have come across in all my years of sleeping. Me and my husband are customers for life. I use for both my home and rentals."


Customer Questions and Answers

Question: How should I size a pillow?

Answer: The size depends onyour mattresssize and your personal preference. Standard pillows are 20 x26 inches, queen pillows are 20 x 30 inches, and king pillows are 20 x 36 inches.However, some peopleprefer larger or smaller pillows depending on their sleeping position and comfort level.


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