Bed Bases

Our bed bases are available at wholesale prices so you can give your guests the full luxury experience. Our bed bases come in various sizes, colors and finishes for your wholesale bedding needs. Grab your bed base for wholesale bedding online today. 


What is a bed base?

A bed base, also known as a foundation or bed frame, is a supportive structure that serves as the foundation for a mattress. It helps distribute the weight evenly, provides stability, and can come in various designs, including traditional box springs, slatted frames, or modern platform bases.


Can you put an adjustable base in a bed frame?

Yes, you can typically place an adjustable base within a compatible bed frame that has a slatted or platform design. It's essential to ensure that the bed frame can accommodate the adjustable base's mechanisms and provides sufficient support for its movement.


What is a slatted bed base?

A slatted bed base is a type of foundation for a mattress consisting of a frame with evenly spaced slats that provide support and ventilation. These slats can be made of wood, metal, or other materials, and they offer flexibility for different mattress types while promoting airflow to keep the mattress well-ventilated.


Customer Testimonial
"The bed base I bought from Direct Textile Store is perfect. It's super easy to set up, and extremely durable. Very sturdy and I can tell offers stability."


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