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Explore our extensive collection of high-quality wholesale tablecloths and table linens, designed to elevate any occasion to new levels of sophistication. Get the perfect size with our Tablecloth Calculator below.

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Whether you're hosting an elegant wedding, managing a bustling hotel, or running a renowned restaurant, our diverse range of bulk tablecloths and table linen offerings provide an unparalleled selection to meet your specific needs.


Shop from hundreds of sizes and colors of wholesale tablecloths in bulk that include durable Ringspun 100% Polyester Collections to 100% Cotton Premium Egyptian Cotton Momie table cloths. We offer a wide range of sizes including 60 inch, 64 inch, 90 inch, 108 inch, and 132 inch round table cloths. Buy black, white, or almost any other color needed from our large selection.  Our wholesale tablecloths and table linen are the classic table coverings for any restaurant or catering service. From cheap table cloths to premier fabric luxury table cloth, we have everything you need to accommodate your guests and keep them comfortable while leaving a lasting impression.

Whether you're hosting a grand banquet, organizing an intimate gathering, or preparing for daily service, our wholesale table cloths provide both style and functionality. They are easy-to-clean nature and resistance to stains and wrinkles make maintenance a breeze, allowing you to focus on providing exceptional hospitality experiences without compromising on presentation. 


The Purpose of A Tablecloth

Bare tables are breeding grounds for all kinds of microscopic bacteria. Tablecloths are the best protection against table germs. Table linens reduce the number of germs that guests are exposed to by providing a freshly sanitized barrier. In addition to sanitary purposes, a consumer report revealed that diners view an establishment as higher end the second they see table linens. This means that guests may be more inclined to spend more money to match their perceptions. Quality, round tablecloths are an investment that will pay off for guests and businesses alike.


Benefits of A Cotton Tablecloth

Cotton tablecloths and linens offer an exceptional choice for daily use, combining comfort and exquisite aesthetics. The inherent qualities of cotton make it unparalleled in terms of both its softness and visual appeal.  Cotton table runners possess the added advantage of being highly absorbent, which can minimize the chances of spills harming the table surface.  They are easy to maintain, as these runners can be easily machine washed.  With the aid of bleach or stain treatment, they can be flawlessly cleaned which can preserve their pristine condition.  


Benefits of A Polyester Tablecloth

Polyester table cloths and linens possess a refined and graceful drape, rendering them an ideal choice for sophisticated events. Additionally, their robust construction leads to long-lasting use.  They are highly resistant to fading or staining over the course of numerous years. Polyester table linens are widely favored in both domestic and commercial environments.  They are renowned for their durability and effortless maintenance. As such, this tablecloth serves as the perfect solution for bustling households and bustling restaurants alike.


Customer Testimonial

"The 100% spun polyester tablecloths have more than met our restaurants needs.  They are elegant, yet have been durable and and have not faded.  They have been long lasting even after washing them after every use".


Buying Guides

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