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Direct Textile Store offers an extensive range of wholesale lab coats and counter coats, featuring an array of styles and fabrics to suit diverse needs. With the advantage of bulk purchasing, you can enjoy wholesale discounted prices on these essential garments. Explore our expansive collection, which includes lab coats bulk from various trusted brands, ensuring both quality and affordability for your professional needs. Explore our selection of bulk lab coats today.


If you're looking to buy bulk lab coats and cheap lab coats that are long lasting, Direct Textile has you covered. We have the styles, colors, and sizes to meet your need. Lab coats provide protection against spills and splashes while adding a professional appearance. A professional appearance is a must when working with splashes and other contaminants that can damage personal clothing. Shop our wholesale lab coats collection today for your doctors lab coats, medical lab coats, industrial lab coats and other types for everyday low pricing. 


Do lab coats have to be white?


No, lab coats do not have to be white. While white lab coats are a traditional and common choice, lab coats are available in various colors and styles. The color of a lab coat may depend on factors such as the type of work being performed, workplace regulations, or personal preferences. Some professions or industries may have specific color requirements for lab coats to indicate different roles or levels of expertise. Ultimately, the color of a lab coat is often a matter of practicality, industry standards, and individual or institutional preferences.


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As a healthcare professional, finding reliable lab coats is crucial, and this company exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend their products for anyone in need of top-notch lab coats!


Customer Questions and Answers

Question: What’s the difference between a lab coat and a lab jacket?

Answer: Lab coats are longer in length and extend to the thigh while lab jackets are shorter and typically stop below the waist. 


Question: Does the color of the lab coat matter?

Answer: The color does not matter from a protection standpoint. A colored lab coat can complement your overall clothing style. Some medical facilities will use different colors to differentiate between staff.


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How to Select the Right Lab Coat

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