Baby Blankets

Direct Textile Store presents an extensive range of wholesale receiving blankets and swaddle blankets, ideal for various applications including baby hospital blankets, medical settings, and institutional use. Designed to provide gentle comfort to even the tiniest patients, our hospital baby blankets are available in bulk quantities to meet your specific needs. Crafted with utmost care, these soft and breathable blankets feature intricate stitching, showcasing both elegance and durability for long-lasting use.

Choose from wholesale receiving blankets, wholesale baby blankets, swaddle blankets used as baby hospital blankets, medical and institutional applications to gently cradle even the littlest patients.  Direct Textile Store offers a great selection on hospital baby blankets sold in bulk. Our bulk baby blankets are soft, breathable and easy to clean. Each blanket is stitched with small, delicate stitches which are notable for their beauty and strength.


Our soft baby blankets come in several materials, from super-soft and warm flannel to silky satin, suitable for a variety of uses throughout the hospital or healthcare facility. Each wholesale baby blanket is machine washable for years of use and can be purchased in bulk to help save you money to buy the cheapest possible baby blankets. 


Buying Guides
See our buying guides below for more helpful information regarding our baby blankets to help you in purchasing the wholesale blankets that best meet your needs:


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