Laundry Bags

The dissolvable laundry bags offered by Direct Textile Store make doing laundry quick and easy. Wholesale laundry bags are great while traveling, for healthcare businesses, or even for home. The water soluble laundry bags allow you to wash your clothes in any water. The easy to use bag has a liquid-proof membrane that makes it ideal for storing and carrying dirty laundry, wet items such as swimsuits, or damp clothing from the gym. When it is time to do laundry, simply throw them in the washing machine without having to remove clothing from the bag. Keep the laundry bags handy in your car, backpack, or carry on luggage before heading on a trip. Commercial laundry bags wholesale are available in a variety of styles for healthcare facilities, public schools, hotel, motels, prisons, or cleaning services. Hampers on wheels make it easy for mobility and a safe and convenient way to transport linens throughout your medical facility. The wholesale laundry hampers are versatile and compact, and a great way to keep your facility organized.


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