Hotel Sheets T-200

Elevate the comfort of hotel guests with our T-200 Hotel Sheet Collections, designed to offer a superior level of satisfaction. These sheets feature a perfect blend of 60% cotton and 40% polyester, providing a delightful softness while ensuring exceptional durability. This precise combination not only offers a luxurious and cozy feel for guests however thanks to the polyester component it also grants hotel owners the benefit of long-lasting performance and stain resistance.

Some upper tier T200 constructions are all 100% cotton, which has a much softer feel, but a shorter wear life and less stain resistance. We have microfiber options as well.  Additionally, the more cotton, the more you have to actually "press" the product.  These classic white T-200 blended hotel cotton sheets are an excellent choice for your hotel. Direct Textile Store offers excellent wholesale hotel sheets in bulk to provide you unparalleled value for your customers.


Buying Guides
See our buying guides below for more helpful information regarding our T-200 hotel bed sheets to help you in purchasing the sheets that best meet your needs:


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