Scrub Accessories

Scrub accessories include disposable and reusable scrub caps and bouffant caps, as well as comfort apparel such as shoes, midsoles, and antimicrobial, odor-resistant compression socks to go with medical scrub sets. Scrub caps are used to hold back and cover hair when PPE is necessary. They are commonly referred to as operating room caps and are commonly used by nurses, surgeons, OBYGN, dentists/dental, hygienists, veterinarians, and technicians. Compression socks are essential for all healthcare personnel,  as well as other professionals who have to be up on their feet all day. Compression socks keep legs from getting tired, while also easing swelling of feet and ankles. Match your scrub accessories with your surgical and hospital scrub sets today, only at Direct Textile Store!


Buying Guides

See our buying guides below for more helpful information regarding our scrub accessories to help you in purchasing the scrubs that best meet your needs:


Buying Guide for Medical Scrubs

A Comprehensive Guide to Buying Medical Scrubs


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