Hi Vis Safety Vests

Safety Vests for all types of jobs and work environments. A safety vest is protective apparel designed to enhance visibility with hi-vis colors like orange and yellow/lime. Wear ANSI rated vests with silver reflective tape to meet job site requirements that reduce the risk of injury. Including Hi Vis Safety Vests in ANSI Class 2 and Class 3. Reflective high visibility safety vests improve your ability to bee seen by bringing you back into the driver's focus. Our ANSI compliant vests are suitable for use in daytime and low light conditions. ANSI Class 2 compliant high visibility safety vests are designed for use in work areas where workers perform tasks that divert their attention from approaching traffic, or are in close proximity to passing vehicles traveling at 25 miles per hour of higher. Class 3 safety vests and garments must have a minimum of 310 square inches of reflective tape that is 12.92 linear feet and 2-inches thick. Class 3 garments also provide more coverage to the arms and legs than do class 1 and class 2 safety vests.


We ship to US, Alaska, Hawaii, US Territories, Canada, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, and St. Croix.