Reusable Incontinence Underpads

Discover a superior solution for washable incontinence pads with our reusable underpads. Engineered with an advanced multi-layer technology, these pads immediately transfer fluid to the core for quick dispersal. Enjoy peace of mind with a bonded bottom layer that maintains stability throughout use. Our special lamination process ensures a smooth, flat surface, free from bunching or rolling. With stain resistance and industrial-strength durability, these wholesale underpads provide a long-lasting solution for optimal protection. Say goodbye to disposable underpads - make the switch today at wholesale pricing!


How do washable incontinence pads work?

Washable incontinence pads, also known as reusable incontinence pads or cloth incontinence pads, are designed to help manage urinary or fecal incontinence in a more eco-friendly and cost-effective manner compared to disposable alternatives. When incontinence occurs, the pad absorbs and contains the liquid, preventing it from reaching clothing or furniture. After use, the pad can be removed, laundered, and reused as needed.


How do you clean reusable underpads?

You can wash them on a cold cycle on gentle setting with a mild detergent. If they’re “extra stained” you can soak them in cold water with baking soda for around 20 minutes.


What’s the difference between reusable underpads and bed pads?

Both are designed to protect your bedding from liquid damage however bed pads are generally larger and sized to fit your mattress.


Customer Testimonial

“Your washable incontinence pads are well made, work great, are easy to launder, and half the price of the medical supply store.”


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Reusable Incontinence Pads Buying Guide


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