Facial Tissues

Experience comfort and care with bulk facial tissue, bundled in convenient case packs. Crafted to be gentle on skin, the facial tissue offered from Direct Textile Store provide a gentle touch, even during the most delicate moments. Available in case packs, the facial tissue wholesale is great for hotels, clinics, hospitals, educational facilities, spas, businesses, or for personal homes to stock up!

The bulk facial tissues are made for strength and tenderness. Designed to handle your everyday needs, the facial tissue come in both flat and cube boxes, adapting seamlessly to any space and preference.  The facial tissue box is an ideal accessory for your home, office, or anywhere life takes you. Elevate your tissue experience with facial tissue bulk, to make sure you're always stocked and prepared to embrace life's gentle moments with the softness and reliability you deserve.


What are facial tissues?
Bulk facial tissues are soft, disposable paper products designed for various personal hygiene and cleaning purposes. 2 ply facial tissues are typically made from delicate, non-abrasive materials that are gentle on the skin, such as wood pulp or virgin paper fibers. Facial tissues are commonly used for wiping or blowing one's nose to manage cold or allergy symptoms. They can also be used for general cleaning tasks, makeup removal, and as a convenient substitute for handkerchiefs. These tissues are usually sold in rectangular or square-shaped boxes for easy access and storage.

Are facial tissues flushable?

Facial tissues are generally not designed to be flushable, and it's not recommended to do so. Unlike toilet paper, facial tissues are often thicker and more absorbent, which can lead to plumbing problems if flushed. Flushing facial tissues can clog pipes and septic systems, potentially causing costly damage and blockages. It's best to dispose of facial tissues in a waste bin rather than flushing them.


Are facial tissues biodegradable?

Facial tissues are typically biodegradable, as they are made from natural pulp fibers that break down over time. However, the rate of biodegradation may vary depending on factors like the specific brand and the presence of any additives. It's generally a more environmentally friendly choice to dispose of facial tissues in a compost bin rather than in regular waste, as they will break down more efficiently in a composting environment.

What is the best facial tissue?

Determining the best facial tissue depends on individual preferences and priorities. 2-ply tissue paper is well-known for  softness and strength. When choosing the best facial tissue, consider factors like softness, durability, environmental concerns (such as recycled content), and any specific features like lotion-infused tissues for extra comfort.

Customer Testimonial

"Purchasing Direct Textile Store facial tissue in bulk quantities saves me a TON of money and lets me stock up for the winter! The tissue is also so soft and gentle."


Customer Questions and Answers

Question: Why buy facial tissue in bulk?

Answer: Buying facial tissue in bulk saves you money and time.