Discover a vast collection of wholesale blankets at Direct Textile Store. Our bulk blankets and throws are made from top-quality materials such as cotton, wool, synthetic fibers, and fleece blankets in bulk, providing each blanket with exceptional durability under even the toughest conditions. 

With over 9 fabric types, featuring 100% cotton thermal, microfiber, down, wool, and plush synthetic fleece options, along with 18 sizes, to fit everything from twin, full, queen, king and extra-long sizes, we’re certain we have a wholesale blanket or throw to fit your needs. 


Shop and buy from our assorted styles of snag free blankets, bath blankets, and baby blankets, perfect for hospitality, hotel, hospital, and healthcare environments from one of the top blanket wholesale suppliers in the USA.  Whether you are looking for a luxurious blanket or a inexpensive, cheap option, we have lots of blankets in bulk quanties to meet your needs.


There are a few different types of blankets and throws that tend to be popular with hotels or in hospitality. One type is the down blanket. They are known for being very soft and comfortable, as these blankets are made from feathers.  Sine they provide a lot of insulation, they are often used in colder climates.  The fleece blanket is another type of blanket that tends to be popular with hotels and motels due to it's durability and that they are known for being lightweight and warm.  Since they are made from synthetic fibers, such as polyester, a quality fleece blanket can feel like wool however they are much easier and cost effective to maintain.  Since they don't provide as much insulation as down blankets, they are often used in moderate climates.  Wool blankets are typically used in colder climates. They're known for being very warm, but they can also be quite heavy.  Thermal blankets are made from a variety of materials and are ideal for cold weather since they are designed to reflect body heat.  


Hospital blankets must meet strict safety and quality standards to ensure that they provide the best possible care for patients.    They can help to prevent the spread of germs, are used to maintain a patient's body temperature, and can be easily thrown away after use.  Patients who are cold or who need extra support may be given heavier blankets made from materials such as wool, flannel, or thermal.  Patients who are undergoing surgery or who are at risk for infection may be given disposable blankets made from materials such as paper or plastic.      


Customer Testimonial

"The polyester fleece blankets have been perfect for our hotel.  They are lightweight, warm, and easy to clean.  Our guests give us complements on them saying they look great and have a nice feel.  We use them in every room of the hotel."    


Customer Questions and Answers

Question: What kind of blankets are best for homeless?

Answer: Ideally warm, lightweight, twin size, are easy to carry and work best. Fleece, wool or synthetic-fiber blankets are good because they are generally very warm, even if they get wet. 

Question: What kind of blankets are used in hotels?

Answer: It really depends on the hotel’s location, climate, and budget. Some hotels use cotton, polyester, down, and microfiber blankets, while others use wool or synthetic-fiber blankets. 


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