Hotel Bed Toppers

Browse our selection of hotel bed spreads and hotel coverlets along with hotel bed throws. Quality wholesale hotel bed toppers at discount prices! These wholesale hotel bed covers are built to last and make any hotel room a more comfortable place to stay. Direct Textile Store is a leading supplier of wholesale bedding. We offer hotel bed toppers, coverlets, and bed skirts from various bedding vendors to match your hotel wholesale bedding needs. Your guests will love the new look of your rooms. 


What is the difference between a hotel coverlet and a hotel bedspread?


A hotel coverlet is typically a lightweight, decorative bed covering that usually doesn't touch the floor and covers just the top of the bed, often leaving the bed skirt or sheets visible. It's more ornamental and can be layered with other bedding. On the other hand, a hotel bedspread is a larger and heavier piece that covers the entire bed, including the pillows and often reaches the floor, providing more warmth and coverage. Bedspreads are usually used as the top layer of bedding and are more functional in terms of providing warmth and covering the entire bed.


Customer Testimonial


"Our guests consistently rave about the luxurious comfort and elegant design of our hotel's bedspreads. The exquisite quality and cozy warmth they provide have truly elevated our guests' experience, making their stay with us exceptionally comfortable and indulgent."



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