Hotel Sheets -100% Cotton

Upgrade your hotel bedding with our wholesale Hotel Sheet Collections, boasting of 100% cotton thread counts of T300 to T310. Enjoy the ultimate balance of durability and comfort for a great night's sleep. Our hotel sheets are not only natural and healthy, but also exceptionally breathable for improved air circulation, preventing unwanted sweat and promoting a better slumber. Hotel cotton sheets are available in both sets and bulk. Direct Textile Store is a hotel grade sheets supplier that sells the softest wholesale bed sheets, that are hotel quality sheets, in the USA.


Why should I use 100% cotton sheets?
Cotton hotel sheets are great for people with sensitive skin. Cotton is more gentle and less irritating to sensitive skin. Cotton is durable and lasts a long time. Cotton is also very breathable and helps cool down those who are hot sleepers, and keep cooler sleepers warm at night. 


Washing Cotton Sheets
Cotton sheets are easy to wash. Throw your 100% cotton sheets in the washing machine with detergent. You can opt to hang your laundry and air dry it, or let your cotton sheets go on a thumble dry cycle on low heat. A quick tip is to ensure you remove your sheets from the dryer right after the dry cycle is done so there are no wrinkles.


Customer Testimonial
"These are my favorite cotton sheets. So breathable and easy to wash. Just have to remember to promptly remove from the dryer so there is no need to iron when I make the bed."


Buying Guides
See our buying guides below for more helpful information regarding our 100% cotton hotel sheets collections to help you in purchasing the sheets that best meet your needs:


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