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Shop our extensive range of Wholesale Bib Aprons, the go-to choice for effective clothing protection in various industries. Direct Textile Store proudly presents a diverse selection of styles and colors, including versatile options like no pocket bib aprons and 3 pocket aprons. Whether you own a restaurant, catering service, or baking company, take advantage of our aprons in bulk for low wholesale prices.

Wholesale Bib Aprons are the most common type of aprons to protect clothing. Direct Textile Store offers many styles and colors of wholesale bib aprons including no pocket bib aprons, 3 pocket aprons and more. Buy our wholesale aprons in bulk for your restaurant, catering or baking company. Direct Textile Store offers low wholesale prices on all products from apron styles to our kitchen dish towels.


One of our most popular items, our bib apron is great for the kitchen and comes with extra deep pockets. With this classic style and resilient construction, you can use bib aprons with pockets to work everyday without worry.


This design of bib apron is perfect for those that don't want to get their clothes dirty. The waist straps are long enough to fit all the way around any person comfortably, and the fabric is very sturdy; not a flimsy material that you'll find in most stores. Shop our bib aprons wholesale for a great price!


We ship to US, Alaska, Hawaii, US Territories, Canada, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, and St. Croix.


What is a bib apron?

A bib apron is a type of apron that provides coverage for the front of the body, extending from the chest or upper torso down to the knees or lower. It is called a "bib" apron because it typically features a bib-like piece that covers the chest and is attached to the waistband or tie straps that secure the apron around the wearer's body.


Customer Testimonial

“Excellent quality, heavy fabric, well-made aprons. I received them in about a week after ordering.”



Customer Questions and Answers

Question: What material is best for aprons?

Answer: It really depends on your planned use. We’ve segmented our aprons by use, for example, bistro, bib, cobbler, etc. Server aprons are a lighter fabric than shop aprons. Each apron segment will have the ideal fabric types available.


Buying Guides

See our buying guides below for more helpful information regarding our bib aprons to help you in purchasing the aprons that best meet your needs:


Buying Guide for the different types of aprons?

The Difference between Filament Polyester and Spun Polyester in an Apron



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