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Embrace the convenience and versatility of bulk paper towels, offered at Direct Textile Store! The 2 ply paper towels are specially designed to handle life's spills and messes with softness and durability.  Paper towels wholesale allow you to stock up on cleaning essentials,  and help in maintaining a clean and organized space. With a heavy-duty construction that doesn't compromise on softness, these paper towels provide the ideal balance between strength and comfort, making them a staple in any household or workplace.

Buy bulk paper towels in case packs for restaurant business, hotels, hospitals, or food industries. The 2-ply design ensures a reliable absorbency that tackles spills swiftly, while the soft texture adds a touch of comfort to your cleanup routine. Whether it's a minor mishap or a larger mess, the cheap paper towels in bulk, make cleanup easy and leave surfaces spotless. 


What are 2 ply paper towels?

2-ply paper towels are absorbent cleaning and drying products composed of two layers of paper bonded together. The two layers provide added strength and durability compared to single-ply towels, making them more suitable for tough cleaning tasks or handling spills. They are commonly used in kitchens, restrooms, and various other settings for their effective absorbency and versatility.

Can you flush paper towels?

No, it is not recommended to flush paper towels. Unlike toilet paper, paper towels are designed to be more durable and absorbent, which makes them less suitable for flushing as they can easily clog plumbing and sewage systems.

Are paper towels recyclable?

Paper towels are generally not recyclable due to their exposure to contaminants like food residue or cleaning chemicals. The recycling process for paper towels is often complicated by these impurities, making them unsuitable for most recycling programs.

Can you microwave paper towels?

While it's generally safe to briefly microwave paper towels for a few seconds to cover or wrap food, you should exercise caution. Avoid extended microwave use or high-power settings, as paper towels can potentially ignite or catch fire when exposed to excessive heat.


Where to buy paper towels in bulk?
To buy paper towels in bulk from Direct Textile Store, visit our selection of paper towel products. Add the desired quantity to your cart and follow their purchasing and shipping guidelines for bulk orders.


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"I always purchase paper towels from Direct Textile Store because they provide the best bulk options. The towels are absorbent and soft!"


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Question: Why buy paper towels in bulk?

Answer: Buying paper towels in bulk saves you money and time.