Here your will find a list of Direct Textile Store Items that are all Closeouts. These closeout items are available while supplies last, and will not be restocked!  Direct Textile Store are your favorite wholesale linen providers of wholesale sheets and towels. Direct Textile Supply offers closeouts to make high quality, usable textiles available to you. Please read descriptions carefully to ensure that you are educated on the product you are purchasing, as well as its return policy. Many closeout items are non-returnable and non-refundable. Checkout More Special Offers for Additional Savings.


We ship to US, Alaska, Hawaii, US Territories, Canada, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, and St. Croix.


What is a closeout?
There are different reasons why certain products are listed on closeouts. Some closeout products are regularly inventoried products that either production has been discontinued on for different reasons. Maybe demand went down for that specific product, or a better version of the product hit the market. Sometimes, there is a surplus of inventory that was manufactured that is taking up too much warehouse space and needs to be moved. Sometimes there are minor defects in a case of products that we don't feel comfortable selling at full price because we feel like it does not meet the standards we want for our customers. It could be something as minor as some minor loose threads because of errors in the factory, or sometimes the color that was produced was not the exact shade we wanted it to be. We offer the product at a heavy discount to make it available to those who do not mind any minor defects or damages. Sometimes closeout items are seasonal items that are only manufactured for special events or holidays, that we no longer have a need for. Whatever the case may be, closeouts are a great way to get quality items at steep discounts. 


Customer Testimonial
"Thank you directtextilestore!!! Was able to get flawless napkins for almost a third of the price. I didn't find even a single loose seam. Definitely keep an eye on the closeouts for the best deals. I checked with customer service and they said it was just a discontinued item. What a steal."