Car Wash Towels

Get the job done right with our selection of wholesale car wash towels. Choose from a vast range of colors and sizes to find just what you need. Our durable, microfiber towels are popular for windows and interior cleaning, while our larger microfiber towels are ideal for the body. Our microfiber cleaning cloths are best for car cleaning cloths and are super absorbent. Keep your vehicles extra clean with our wholesale towels at Direct Textile Store! We offer bulk microfiber towels that are high quality and will not leave scratches. Our towels sets can be bought in bulk, for you to save money and have only the best towels to wash your car or any other items you do not want scratched. 


Buying Guides
See our buying guides below for more helpful information regarding our car wash towels to help you in purchasing the towels that best meets your needs:


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