Vinyl Shower Curtains

Vinyl Shower Curtains and Liners available in various options and colors including 5-10 Vinyl Gauges, flame retardant vinyl shower curtains, and made in the USA. 


Bulk shower curtains, vinyl shower liners, and shower curtain hooks, are quality necessities for your bathroom. From extra long to standard size and color, we have the perfect match for your unique needs. Whether you need a hotel large order of bulk shower curtains or just for your own personal use, we are the place to shop. Vinyl shower curtains and liners is the top choice for hotels because it's easy to clean and durable.


Wholesale shower curtains and shower curtain hooks and liners are a vital component to any bathroom. They prevent water from flooding the floors while also adding a decorative quality to your bath area.



Buying Guides

See our buying guides below for more helpful information regarding our Vinyl Shower Curtains to help you in purchasing the bulk shower curtains that best meet your needs:


Choose the Correct Size Shower Curtain for Your Tub or Shower


We ship to US, Alaska, Hawaii, US Territories, Canada, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, and St. Croix.