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Blankets versus Comforter... What is the difference?
The word "comforter" just refers to a thick blanket. 


Blankets for Hospitality Use
Hotels and resorts typically outfit their beds with duvet comforters covered with a duvet cover. Many hotels use down-filled comforters, but this can pose problems for those with allergies. Hypo-allergenic comforters provide the same experience with polyester filling while being accessible to those with allergies. Hotels typically also provide supplementary blankets for extra warmth if needed. These extra blankets are usually stocked in the closet and typically consist of fleece, down, wool, or thermal blankets. 


Blankets for Hospital Use
Different blankets are used for different bedding purposes in the healthcare setting. Disposable blankets are used for patients at high-risk of spreading infection or exposure to infectious agents or disease, while cotton-polyester blend thermals are used for patients in the emergency room. Bath blankets are often used for patients in the ICU after bathing. Recieving blankets are used for newborns, while pediatric blankets are  reserved for infants and toddlers recieving care. 


Customer Testimonial

"Buying bedding sets online has saved me so much time and money. It's perfect for my Airbnb's and if anything needs replacements, like a pillowcase with permanent makeup stains (which happens a lot) I can just order it by the piece instead of having to purchase a whole new set. Thank you direct textile store!"


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