Work Pants and Shorts

Here you will find the best work pants including mens works pants and work pants for women. Our Industrial Work Pants wear like iron but is soft against your skin. Dependable and comfortable in any work environment, these work pants are made to withstand industrial washings with permanent crease, durable press finish, soil release and superior color. Available in many stock color options that coordinate with our Industrial Work Shirts


Comfortable and durable, our soft washed industrial work pants made of 100% cotton are perfect the kitchen and cleaning staff at restaurants and hospitality services. Direct Textile Store offers hospital pants, chef pants for men and women, or industrial pants to fit your exact need. The popular charcoal grey cargo pants are a comfortable pair of cargo pants, whether working or seeking adventure outdoors. Affordable industrial strength pants available only from Direct Textile Store.


What type of industrial work pants are good for work?

When it comes to industrial work pants, durability, safety, and functionality are very important. Here are some types that are good for various work environments:


Cargo Pants: These pants are popular in industrial settings due to their numerous pockets for tools and gear. They are typically made from durable materials like ripstop cotton or polyester blends.


Fire-Resistant (FR) Pants: In industries with fire hazards, FR pants made from materials like Nomex or Kevlar are crucial for protecting workers from heat and flames.


High-Visibility Pants: Workers in construction, roadwork, or other jobs with low-light conditions should opt for pants with high-visibility features, including reflective stripes.


Coveralls: Sometimes, full-body coveralls are more practical in extremely dirty or hazardous environments, providing complete protection.


When choosing industrial work pants, prioritize safety, durability, and comfort while considering the specific hazards and requirements of the job. Always adhere to workplace safety guidelines and dress codes.


Customer Testimonial

“Our factory is very satisfied with your work pants. The durability, wholesale price, and delivery is unbeatable.”