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Wholesale Butcher Wraps/butcher smocks with Collars and Collarless Butcher Wraps for the food service and food processing industry. Other wholesale butcher wrap and butcher coat options include 3 pocket butcher wraps and pocketless butcher wraps. For additional shorter smock wraps please see our Smock Wraps. Our butcher wrap coat range is designed to meet the high standards of any professional.


What is the difference between a butcher smock vs a butcher wrap?

A butcher smock and a butcher wrap are both garments worn by butchers to protect their clothing and maintain hygiene while working with meat and other food products. However, they differ in terms of design and how they are worn. A butcher smock is typically a one-piece, full-length garment that resembles a long tunic or dress. It is designed to cover the upper body and extends down to the thighs or knees.


A butcher wrap, also known as a butcher apron, is typically a single piece of fabric that is draped over the front of the body. It resembles an apron but is longer and provides more coverage than a standard kitchen apron.


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