Men's Work Pants

Our Men's Industrial Work Pants wear like iron but is soft against your skin. Dependable and comfortable in any work environment, these work pants for men are made to withstand industrial washings with permanent crease, durable press finish, soil release and superior color. Available in many stock color options including Mens Navy Blue work pants, mens khaki work pants, mens grey work pants, mens spruce green work pants, mens black work pants, and mens brown work pants that coordinate with our Industrial Work Shirts.


Our men's work pants are great for those who work in industrial, hospitality, or restaurant fields. Made with a lighter fabric to keep you cool and 100% cotton to give you a better range of motion and comfort. We offer an array of colors so you can choose your favorite. Whether you're looking for industrial work pants, hospital pants, chef pants for men, 100% cotton khaki pants, or the popular charcoal grey cargo pants, Direct Textile has you covered!


What makes a cargo pant?
Cargo pants are traditionally made using cotton or a cotton-wool blend that is protective from extreme weather conditions and rigorous working environments. These cotton work pants' most noticable feature is one or more sqaure pockets sewn onto the outer legs of the pants. Usually this pocket is secured using a zipper or secured flap.


The Origin of Cargo Pants
Cargo pants have been around for almost 100 years. Cargo pants are also known as cargo trousers, combat pants, and combat trousers. These mens utility pants were originally utilized as soldier attire for the British Armed Forces circa the late 1930s. They had a lot of pocket room for carrying supplies on the battlefield while remaining hands-free. American paratroopers on the World War II battlefield saw this novel design and had it copied for their use. After cargo pants were brought across the pond to the United States, they quickly became standard uniform attire for the entire United States military and continue to be so. Cargo pants entered the fashion world in the '90s. This transition from workwear to streetwear has inspired classic and edgy looks, and has made a comeback into the fashion scene in recent years. However, cargo pants are still worn for their utility across many professions, including painting, policing, EMS, firefighters, medical scrubs, and construction pants. 


Customer Testimonial
"Just what I needed for work. Longest lasting pants I've had. It gets pretty rough on the field but so far, nothing a quick wash hasn't fixed yet. Bought same pant 5 times and rotate them throughout the week."