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Choose from a wide range of hospital blankets.  Each hospital blanket is meticulously designed to deliver unrivaled comfort, durability, and quality to medical facilities. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our blankets and bedding are available in a variety of premium materials including cotton, wool, polyester, and fleece, catering to the diverse needs of hospitals.

Select from thermal blankets, hospital flannel blankets, snag-free blankets, bath blankets, and other medical blanket types in white, beige, blue, green, raspberry and a variety of other colors for patient beds. A great way to save on blankets in bulk, our hospital cotton blankets are made for adults or kids and are perfect for Hospitals, Clinics, Urgent Cares, Nursing Homes, and Re-sellers who need hospital style blankets. Direct Textile Store is where to buy wholesale blankets. We also provide high quality hospital receiving blankets that are made to last. 

Blanket Size and Weight
Hospital blankets most commonly come in twin size, which is usually 60 inches X 90 inches. Patient blankets are available in a variety of weights but is most typically between two and four pounds.


Purpose of Hospital Blankets
On top of providing comfort and warmth to healthcare patients, hospital blankets are important in preventing spread of infections and limiting the spread of bacteria and viruses. Healthcare facilities, like hospitals and emergency rooms, follow strict laundering protocols between uses, patients, and wards. They are also used to drape patients' bodies during surgery to prevent hypothermia. Bulk hospital blankets are also very heavily used by shelters and NGOs during natural disasters. 


Types of Hospital Blankets
Fleece Blankets: The most commonly found hospital blanket is the healthcare fleece blanket.
Thermal Blankets: Made of lightweight, synethetic material that is good at trapping body heat and keeping patients warm. 
Wool Blankets: Made of natural fibers and very durable. Hospital wool blankets are hypoallergenic and mold and mildew resistant. 
Cotton Blankets: Breathable and good at insulating patients without overheating them. These are popular amongst healthcare facilities because they are easy to launder and maintain. 
Quilted Blankets: Provide warmth, comfort, and easy laundering.
Disposable Blankets: Best for emergency situations or for patients at high-risk for infection. 
Lap Blankets: Used to cover the laps of patients during seated procedures where they are in wheelchairs. Usually around 50 in. X 60 in.
Receiving Blankets: Used for newborns and premature infants.
Pediatric Blankets: Bigger than receiving blankets and used for pediatric patients.

Where To Buy Hospital Blankets
You will only be able to source hospital style blankets from hospital suppliers. Direct Textile Store is a proud wholesale supplier of industry-leading hospital and healthcare blankets used in hospitals, healthcare facilities, doctor's offices, shelters, and clinics around the country.


Customer Testimonial

"Best prices I have found for thermal blankets. They keep my patients warm and comfy and don't snag. Twin sizes fit all of my patient beds."


Buying Guides
See our buying guides below for more helpful information regarding our healthcare blankets to help you in purchasing the blankets that best meet your needs:


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