Irons and Ironing Boards

Direct Textile Store offers a metal iron board, t leg ironing board, and more. The t leg iron board is in a solid blue hue and is crafted from sturdy and durable materials, that provide a reliable surface for perfecting your apparel. The ironing board t leg ensures stability during use, allowing you to glide through your ironing tasks.

The metal iron board is offered in case packs, great for hotels, laundry mats, businesses, and more.  The easy-to-store design allows for a simple fold, to tuck  away and allows you to optimize space and maintain a tidy environment. 


How to use an ironing board?
Using an ironing board is a straightforward process:

  • Set Up the Ironing Board: Open the legs of the ironing board and ensure it's placed on a flat, stable surface. Adjust the height of the board to a comfortable working level.
  • Prepare the Iron: Plug in and preheat your clothes iron to the appropriate temperature setting for the fabric you're ironing.
  • Place the Garment: Lay the wrinkled garment flat on the ironing board, ensuring it's smooth and wrinkle-free.
  • Iron the Garment: Starting with the collar or cuffs and working your way down, gently press the iron onto the fabric and move it back and forth in even strokes. Be careful to follow the ironing instructions for the specific fabric, as some materials are more delicate and may require a lower heat setting or a pressing cloth to prevent damage.

Remember to take safety precautions, such as unplugging the iron when not in use and keeping it out of reach of children, to prevent accidents.


How to close an ironing board?

To close an ironing board, first, ensure the iron is unplugged and cool. Then, grasp the release lever or mechanism, typically located near the top of the board, and fold the legs together until the board is compact and can be stored vertically or horizontally.


Who invented the ironing board?

The ironing board, in its modern form, was invented by Sarah Boone, an African American inventor, in 1892. Her design featured a narrow, elongated board with a padded surface, a significant improvement over earlier, more cumbersome versions, making ironing clothes more accessible and efficient.


Where to buy ironing board?

To purchase an ironing board from Direct Textile Store, you can browse our selection of household and laundry products. Add the desired ironing board to your cart and follow their purchasing and shipping guidelines for a convenient online purchase.

Customer Testimonial

"The metal iron board is extremely easy to use and durable. I love it!"

Customer Questions and Answers

Question: What is the benefit of having an iron board?

Answer: Having an ironing board provides a stable and dedicated surface for efficiently and effectively pressing clothes, ensuring they look neat and wrinkle-free.