Cabana Stripe Pool Towels

Cabana Stripe Pool Towels and Beach Towels ranging from vat-dyed, reactive dyed in various sizes, cabana stripe colors, and weights are available to meet your budget. Buy these cabana pool and beach towels in bulk and save! Add these luxury striped bath towels to your home, poolside, or anywhere else with these Cabana pool towels and cabana stripe beach towels. Available in an array of colors and sizes, these wholesale beach towels are great for a variety of uses at home and perfect pool towels for when you’re on the go. Striped pool towels make housekeeping easier and more streamlined, while also working as solid cabana towels and beach towels.


What is a cabana pool towel?
The cabana stripe pool towel is an unforgettable minimalistic pattern with bold stripes. Cabana striped towels are usually various colored stripes alternating with white stripes. Cabana stripes found on striped beach towels are typically vertical, but can be horizontal in some cases. These iconic horizontal stripes have become symbolic for chic hotel pools. Having a stripe pool towel also makes it easier for housekeeping to identify pool towels versus room towels when the pool towels are so easy to spot out in a pile of towels. 


What is the differences between a pool towel and a regular bath towel?
Beach towels or pool towels are usually more lightweight than bath towels. This is so they are easier to fold up and be transported to the beach or pool. This is also so they can dry faster, which makes a pool towel more user friendly in pool and beach like environments. Pool towels are usually longer in length so the user is able to lay down completely on it, or atleast have most of their body be atop the towel when laying it down flat. A bath towel is usually not big enough for someone to lay down on it horizontally. 


Customer Testimonial
"These are wonderful cabana towels. Keep coming back for these pool towels every season. They go through really heavy usage and hold up very well. Brighter colors and different patterns make it so much easier for housekeeping to seperate out towels from the pool area."


Buying Guides
See our buying guides below for more helpful information regarding our cabana stripe pool towels to help you in purchasing the towels that best meets your needs:


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