FR Pants | Flame Resistant Pants

The Flame Resistant (FR) Pants are made from specialized flame-resistant materials with APTV ratings ranging from 10 to 21. Choose from a selection of Khaki FR Pants, Navy FR Pants, and FR Cargo Pants, available with flex waist options for added comfort. Engineered to provide optimal protection against potential burns, these FR pants and jeans feature innovative Flame Resistant fabrics, ensuring your safety in hazardous environments while offering versatile style choices.

Protect yourself from burns, tough grease, oil, dirt and stains at work or school with these coverall pants. Our women's and men's coveralls are made of a super durable and lightweight fabric that's stain resistant to boot. 


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See our buying guides below for more helpful information regarding our FR Pants and Flame Resistant Pants to help you in purchasing the flame resistant apparel that best meet your needs:


Flame Resistant Clothing

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