EcoEssence Amenity Collection

Manufacturer: EcoEssence

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Finally…an affordable Earth-Friendly program! The EcoEssence line of hotel amenities features soaps that are packaged in cornstarch wrappers which will start to break down in a landfill after about 1 year. The boxed EcoEssence soap is packaged in a recycled cardboard box which is naturally biodegradable. Our EcoEssence tubes are produced with the additive D2W® which causes plastic to biodegrade at a much faster rate than normal by a process of oxo-biodegradation. At the end of its useful service life, when deposited in a landfill, the process of oxo-biodegradation begins and the plastic will eventually break down into water, carbon dioxide and biomass, avoiding pollution and damage to the environment and wildlife.  The Ecoessecne Amenity Collection are highly reviewed bulk hotel toiletries.

ECO ESSENCE® does not contain any harsh chemicals, heavy perfumes or other additives which can irritate the skin. Our Eucalyptus and lemongrass fragrances and Aloe Vera infusions are sure to delight your senses.

ECO ESSENCE® Body Soap is packaged for individual use and is perfect for use at any hotels, guest house, bed and breakfast (B&B), Airbnb, VRBO and for virtually any overnight stay use. It is one of the very best hotel travel size body soap products available!

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